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"A superb fiddle player, and no slouch either on recorder, cittern, guitar and hammered dulcimer,
she is also in possession of a voice of gentle strength that adapts well to suit various vocal styling."
-Rock 'n' Reel Magazine, Cumbria, England

Tania Opland's concerts are a tapestry of melodic and lyrical textures blending intriguing cross-cultural influences, from soaring melodies on a solo instrument to powerful vocals backed by solid rhythm guitar or intricate fingerpicking. Her repertoire starts from a base in the traditional musics of North America and the British Isles, spreads through most of Northern Europe and touches on other cultures around the globe. Her array of musical instruments includes an unusual five-string violin/viola, cittern (or octave mandolin), hammered dulcimer, ocarina and hurdy-gurdy, along with more common instruments such as guitar, recorder, and, of course, voice.

Tania began her performing career as a break from undergraduate programs in engineering and physics. Her initial goal was simply to get by without a day job for a year so she could focus exclusively on making music. Thirty years later, after four solo albums, three collaborations, keeping up a transatlantic touring schedule for nearly twenty years, appearing on radio and television in seven countries, and winning fans around the globe, it can safely be said that she has exceeded her expectations (though the degrees remain unfinished).

Hurdy-gurdy photo by Fae Wiedenhoeft

These days, most of her time is spent touring with music partner and husband Mike Freeman, but when their travel schedules diverge from time to time, she steps easily back into solo performances.

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