Spring 2006

It was a really tough homecoming this time. We'd been away for six whole months, and had not dealt with the necessity of ventilation. We'd even covered the tops of the chimneys to keep crows from nesting in them. I've never seen so much mould in one place before. We both wanted to turn around and go home (but we were already there). Jetlagged as we were when we got here, at the end of more than 48 hours travelling, no sleep, no chance to pick up groceries or get drinking water or anything, we had to do many hours of cleaning just to clear the air (and the bed) enough to be able to sleep here. Even the sheets and pillowcases had mould growing on them.
Fortunately, after a few days of that, with the rain still coming down, we left here to spend a long weekend in Co. Wicklow for Anne McCaffrey's birthday. We had a wonderful time there, and the sun came out again, and we returned rested, bathed, and with the strength to keep working on our future happy home.

Meanwhile, the spring flowers are coming out to encourage us that this really IS a great place to be!
We didn't get any pictures of the daffodils while they were out, but just look what we're surrounded by now, in early May:

quince flowers outside the window,

laurel in the orchard,

white AND bluebells at the back of the house,

kerria japonica,

future apple pies (Bramleys!),

and... is it larkspur?

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