2015 - SPRING
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Mike and Billy at the cement mixer

Two trips to Inistioge in 2015 meant a lot of work getting done here. Mike and Billy got a start on a well house so we can get all the pumps, holding tanks, filters and everything out of our future kitchen.

Mike angle-grinding rebar, with sparks flying

Mike feeding pipe into the water shed

After Billy's help getting the foundation and the blocks in place, Mike got back to being the solo builder, with occasional help from Tania when needed.

Tania was mostly indoors through all this, composing music for a Miriam Lambert puppet show.

Nan and Sherrie on the wrought iron park benchNan's annual sojourn from India is always a high point of our summer. This time she brought her friend Sherrie, visiting from Sitka Alaska.
Enjoying the garden at Woodstock ^
and the acoustics of our stone living room. >
Nan playing flute in the stone walled living room Violin on clutter of sheet music on laptop
Sound effects lifted from Mike's projects were mixed into Tania's original sound track for Miriam Lambert's "Three Little Pigs" puppet show, and Mike took time off from the building work to record it.

We never get tired of this view walking in to the village of Inistioge from our house.
The lane along the river, with Inistioge on the far side

2015 - AUTUMN

First rafters holding up the ridge boardThe studio roof!

(below) Nan sent us good karma from Dharmsala...

Rafters over half the roof

Damp course covered in laths, ready for slates to go on.

(below) Allie helped Mike with some scaffold hoisting during her visit, just before setting off for a soggy walk to Woodstock.

Green buddah, Tibetan prayer wheel and wooden Ganesh on the window ledge, with the new plastic-covered roof in the background Mike installing a skylight window in the roof Allie handing Mike a big scaffold bar over the stone wall
Two uillean pipers in session

(<-left) Two pipers! At the session in Graiguenamanagh.

Our friend and session buddy Paddy Murphy received a lifetime achievemant award in a sunny ceremony on the village green. (right->)

And our floor finally got painted. (below v)

Wet pain sign on the half painted floor

Paddy Murphy displaying his medal and certificate
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