Coming back to the house in March, we had no idea it was going to be the driest, hottest Irish summer in recorded history.
It more than made up for 2012.front of the house

painting the stair panel

I forgot to mention in the 2012 entry that the downstairs ceiling - the underside of the upper floor - got painted (it used to be black). Mike carried on with some more brightness on the wood paneling on the side of the stairs.

painted stair panel

Masked Mike shoring up doorway

There was some structural stabilization to be done under the upper floor, then Mike got stuck into the long, painstaking job of tiling the living room floor, installing electric cable underfloor heating as he went.

tiling the living room floor

painting the back of the fireplace
And some more painting (after completely re-facing the back wall of the fireplace)...

the living room, still with temporary kitchen
bringing us ever closer to our dream of a real living room.

the hallway

bedroom ceiling with oak beams

Upstairs. These photos may be earlier than 2013, because we have roll-up shades on most of the skylights now, and curtain rods over most of the windows. It's still a very bright room to sleep in, but that just encourages us to keep more to daylight hours and less to musicians' hours.

But then, with so many good sessions to go to - including this one that we were hosting every week - going to bed when it got dark wasn't always an option.

Trad session in St Mullins

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