Summer 2011
We've posted plenty of views from our ^ hillside looking across the valley. Here, for a change, is a look back at our side.

Lots more work done this summer, both outside and in...

The North chimney got capped and rendered a couple of years ago. Time to make the south end match - a job for a double height scaffold tower. >>

 Good thing we're both tough and foolhardy.

Also a good thing we have friends like Billy looking out for us. He made a few adjustments, including loaning us some additional scaffold pieces, before he was satisfied with it. And then he was up there helping Mike with the heavy work. >>

Meanwhile, inside the house:

We'd set up a shower enclosure in the bath, << using plastic sheeting and a microphone stand. But the shower tray has been here, just waiting...

So that's a shower well on the way. We found vinyl flooring which will suit the bathroom nicely, too.

The house is developing some interesting little corners as Mike finds places to put some of the stuff we've collected over the years, like these tiny masks we were given when we played in New Orleans just after Mardi Gras.

We only posted one entry to our travel journal while we were here, and it was all about the trip to the UK, but it starts and ends in Inistioge.

We had visitors throughout the summer - we love it when that happens: Matt & Jen came over from Seattle (Matt's second stay here and Jen's first). Nan came for her third visit to us, all the way from India. Sam and Ferris came for a third visit, too. This time from their new home in Leitrim. And they brought hurdy gurdies, bagpipes, cittern, flutes, whistles, lute, harp... Truly kindred spirits!

We finished up Nan's visit with a trip to the coast and a session around the campfire, complete with a skype call to William & Felicia to share the fire and music with them in Seattle.
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