Summer 2010

OK, I've been putting it off until it was a little more presentable, but it's time to show you what we have on the ground floor.

Once we got the old, damp floor torn out and replaced with a new, insulated, damp-proof floor with proper drainage underneath it, we were able to put a bit of furniture and a couple of carpets down here. We moved the temporary kitchen set-up into the future living room, in hopes that would spare us moving it back and forth again to do up the kitchen. We'll see how well that works.

This is still, basically, a room we haven't worked on, though we did some prep work. We exposed the stone walls (they were plastered over) and removed the plasterboard that was hiding those lovely old beams.

Here (right) is the same room from the other side, just inside the front door. The woodstove is hiding behind the table, but it's not installed yet anyway. It's going to be off centre in the fireplace, but centred relative to the room.


The other room down here - the kitchen - will have to wait until we have something to show.

A lot of work got done on the outside of the house, too.
The gravel ramp up to the front door, and treacherous trench that ran alongside it, (see 2007) are finally gone, replaced by these wood steps and stone wall that Mike put in place.
First, we had to get a digger into the courtyard to level it out a bit, fill in the trench, and spread a whole bunch of gravel around.

Our new gravel:
  ^The road down to the village. Walking to Inistioge is still one of my favorite things to do on a sunny day. We do get those occasionally.
We posted several entries in our travel blog this summer - one about working on the house and gardens, one about some adorable Irish cats, one about all the friends who came to see us through the summer, and even one about Tania's journey to Seattle at the end of her summer in Ireland.
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