June 2007

The roof vents and dehumidifiers did their job - not much mould in the house this time. Yay!!
The driveway almost disappeared between early May, when Mike was here for a short time on his own, and the end of June when we returned together from our UK tour.
Still waiting for it to get dry enough to get the strimmer out and reclaim some space around the house.
But so far it's rain, rain, and more rain... interspersed with sunshine, of course. This is Ireland.

August 2007

Even with the bit of progress we were making I was in serious need of new perspective on the whole project. Perfect timing for a visitor. We hadn't seen Toni for several years until she came to our show in Glasgow. And she decided on the spot that she was going to come out and see this place Tania was whining so much about. Good as her word, she arrived two months later, camera in hand, and took these pictures:
It's great having guests. We go places that we always say we're going to go, but never do on our own. We finally got to Clodiagh Church - one of those places signposted for tourists that we drive past every time we go to New Ross. (far left, top & bottom)

Toni really enjoys wandering around cemetaries, reading headstones and getting a feel for the history of places she visits. No shortage of cemetaries around Inistioge, starting with the one right in the center of the village (middle, top and bottom).

When we got out to the newer cemetary, just at the bottom of our road, we immediately recognized the one really interesting headstone in the batch (below). We remember jamming with Roly...

Then there's Woodstock. The grand old house burned to a shell decades ago, and the gardens fell into disrepair, but the whole time we've been here there's been a huge restoration project going on (the gardens, not the house). Whenever we have guests, we go up to see how this is coming along. And talk about perspective -- it's always worth looking back down at Inistioge from up here.

We feasted on our special blackberries and apples and, all in all, got very little done on the house.
Oh well. It may be a building site, but it's our building site.

Oh, yes, and while we had Toni here, we got the studio gear set up and added some tasty harmonies to the new song we were working on for the next Pern CD. Then, en route to the airport, swung by Anne McCaffrey's place to sing the piece for her and get dinner at the local Chinese restaurant. A perfect end to a lovely visit.

Thanks, Toni, for sending us all these photos!

Mike, Toni and Anne

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