August 2005
As ever, our plans remain oh so flexible...
That roof we were about to start--
We've been around and around on possible ways to deal with the one wall that's leaning out into the courtyard. Stabilize, tear down and rebuild, or try to push it back into place. Mike desperately wants to do the latter, and that's where we've been stuck. So no progress on the big barn roof.

No plumbing in the house yet, either. What we've done for now is splashed out on a composting toilet, mail ordered from Canada. Possibly the most expensive toilet in the county! Now that we have it installed in an outhouse we've realized that we could have made our own, but hopefully it'll prove a worthwhile investment. We'll keep you posted, or is that too much information?

October 2005

It's a good thing we left that tent up in the courtyard. After starting our stay here with visits from Zoe and Nan, we had Andy and Jackie come for a weekend, followed only a couple of days later by Janeen stopping for just one night on her travels. Thanks to all for coming to see us! We've now gutted the tent accommodation to use for temporary storage space, and our final guest for the summer is staying in the house with us. Kato the cat seems to be enjoying his two week visit. Now the leaves are starting to turn, the berries are ripe, and we've even had a few early apples from the orchard. We'll enjoy the few weeks we have left here, taking occasional breaks from the work to sit outside the front door listening to the birds and our lovely windchimes.

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