Flexible plans - - August-September 2004

We came home to Brittas all fired up with plans to work on plumbing for a real kitchen and bathroom, but the plans were changed when Mike discovered that the end wall of our biggest barn was going to collapse unless we did some major work right away.

This building is in front of the house,
just to our left as we come out the door.

We didn't get any pictures before starting the work, but you can see a broken lintel in the picture below. That was one of three supporting all of the stones above the window. The other two were still working, but weakening.


It was hardhat Mike to the rescue again, propping up the stonework, taking out the old, rotten supports and replacing them with three new beams at least twice the size of the old ones, then rebuilding the wall on top of the new timbers. That'll hold for a long time! Now, if we only had a roof on it.

We still have four buildings that could use roofs, and one house that could use some plumbing. But for now, I've never seen a bath with a more beautiful view than the one we have of our orchard. You can't really see the apples in this photo, but the trees are covered in them!

The garden Mike planted the previous summer was getting along beautifully, though very much in need of weeding. And at the back of the house, even the weeds were trying to look nice for us.


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