Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon brings together four internationally touring and
recording artists for a spectacular multi-instrumental trans-Atlantic session.
Hunter's Moon is on hiatus for now.

After The Big Cancellation of 2020, our last minute live stream concert was a surprise success (musically and financially if not technically). We followed that with months of work and cramming video production skills to produce our extremely well-received pre-recorded "Winter's Return" concert for Solstice 2020, even though we had been separated by circumstances of the pandemic and were working in studios 1500 miles apart.

It seemed only natural to follow that with a Hunter's Moon show in the same format - pre-recorded and premiered for St Patrick's Day 2021 on YouTube. It was at least as much work (probably more, as our production standards had been increasing with our new skills), and was well received by those who watched, but just didn’t seem to have the broader appeal of the Winter show.

So, for now, we'll continue doing our Winter's Return concerts — you can see the latest live stream here — but the Hunter's Moon project will wait until we can get back together with live audiences.

Our St Pat's 2020 live stream video has been retired from Facebook, but some selections are available in this YouTube playlist along with a few other Irish things Mike and Tania recorded that year.

You'll also find our sadly under-viewed virtual concert still available online, complete with the live chat in case you want to enjoy the whole virtual concert ambience. Now that it's cached, of course, you can skip forward past the intermission if you want to!

You can still make donations (gratefully accepted) here if you feel so inclined.
I'm told this link doesn't work for everyone. If you have trouble with it, try our Ko-Fi page.

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Cached videos:

March 17 2020
Our first live stream, on Facebook, was too full of glitches to preserve in its entirety. A few bits can be found in this playlist: St Patrick's Day Online - 2020

March 17 2021
Hunter's Moon 2021 Virtual concert, produced while we were separated by the pandemic so we had to video edit ourselves together.

William Pint has been a mainstay in Seattle Celtic bands since the 1970's, when he relocated
from Milwaukee, and now tours the world with Vashon Island (WA) native Felicia Dale.
Mike Freeman started life in Manchester (U.K.) and now spends much of his time in Kilkenny Ireland with Alaska-born Tania Opland.

Together as Hunter's Moon, they're a Celtic collaboration of guitar, fiddle, bouzouki, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, whistles, harp, drum and voices -- it's an Irish music party you don't want to miss.

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