Winter's Return

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WINTER'S RETURN: A Celebration in Music
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Celebrating Winter and all its diverse festivities with voices, guitars, drums, whistles, hammered dulcimer, hurdy-gurdys, recorder, mandolin, violin, and songs that'll bring a bright spot to the darkest winter's day.

Two world touring duos join forces to bring a Celebration of Winter to the stage.

Pint & Dale play music of the sea with consummate skill and high energy, while Opland-Freeman collect music from around the world which they serve up with great wit and verve.

In a detour from their usual fare, these two remarkable pairs form a powerhouse quartet that makes music like no one else, offering a stunning collection of songs and instrumentals with a seasonal flavor.

Felicia Dale (hurdy-gurdy, tinwhistle, violin)

William Pint (guitar, octave mandolin)

Tania Opland (5-string violin, hammered dulcimer, recorder, hurdy-gurdy)

Mike Freeman (guitar, percussion)

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