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Tania Opland & Mike Freeman: Cut to Rhythms

CUT TO RHYTHMS: A cross-cultural romp through a wealth of styles, instruments and ideas, with an underlying unity of performance and production standards.

Mike Freeman: Djembe, darabouka, vocals, guitar, mandolin, cittern, percussion
Tania Opland: Guitar, vocals, violin, hammered dulcimer, Kiowa (Native American) flute, tenor recorder, piccolo-melodeon.

with Dee de Wit on 'cello and double bass.

Fair &Tender Ladies (trad. American) - Julian of Norwich (Sydney Carter) - Kerry's Waltz/Flowerpot Frog (M. Freeman) - Borderlands (Danny Carnahan) - Katyusha (trad. Russian) - Merry Blacksmith/Heathery Cruach/Paddy O'Brien's(trad. Irish) - A River (T. Opland) - Marylou Murphy's(T. Opland) - Jovano, Jovanke (trad. Macedonian) - Styrman's Waltz/Lokkerin Waltz (trad. Norwegian) - Jack Monroe (trad. English) - Andijan (trad. Uzbek) - Bound Away (Susan Welch) - Cut to Rhythms (Opland/Freeman)

Total running time 60 min.

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Tania Opland: Hunters Moon
HUNTER'S MOON: Highlights of Tania's traditional repertoire, from English and Scottish to Turkish and Ukrainian.

Guest musicians: Mark Geisler, John Peekstok, Felicia Dale, William Pint, Mike Freeman, Ray Wood and Hank Cramer.

The Hunt is Up/Branle d'Escosse (England/France) - Otdavali Molodu (Russia) - Torch Branle (France) - Death and the Lady (England) - An Cailin Fion/The Black Nag (Ireland/England) - Podolyanochka (Ukraine) - The Female Ramblin' Sailor (England) - When I was in my Prime (England) - The Rantin' Laddie (Scotland) - Black Sea Dance (Turkey/Gypsy) - Chi mi na Morbheanna (Scotland) - Juice of Barley/Gathering Peascods (England)

Total running time 52 min.

Original title: Bonnie Rantin' Lassie

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Tania Opland: Tania Opland
TANIA OPLAND: Mostly contemporary songs and tunes, including originals.

Guest musicians: Mike Freeman on percussion, William Pint (guitar) and Felicia Dale (tinwhistle), Orville Johnson (dobro, mandolin & fretless bass), Pauline Cato on Northumbrian pipes, additional percussion by Jan Reed and harmony vocals from Artisan.

Ketchikan (Opland) - La Bastringue/Gaspé Reel - Khaghun Tavra Tunni (A. Muktoyuk) - Rosemary's Sister (H. Williams) - Pair of Bears (Opland) - Not Too Late (P. Loughran) - Barbara Allen Blues (Opland) - Somewhere in America (E. Bogle) - The Oregon Trail (KW Todd) - Trip to Mabu Ridge - Tonkaya Ryabina - Why Does Love... (TR Ritchie) - Last Call (Opland) - Lefty's (R. Head) - Roads (B. Bedford)

in eco-friendly cardboard sleeve

Total running time 59 min.

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Tania Opland: Winters Time

WINTER'S TIME: Songs and tunes for the winter season, including holiday music, with vocals, dulcimers, harps, recorders and more! Features both vocal and instrumental selections, well blended and beautifully arranged.

Tania Opland: vocals, recorders, bouzouki, guitar, hammered dulcimer, violin, ocarinas and melodeon
Mark Geisler: vocals, harp, hammered dulcimer, violin, cello, keyboard and percussion
Felicia Dale: vocals, tinwhistles, hurdy-gurdy and bodhran
Produced by Tania Opland and Mark Geisler.

Winter Hymn (Stanley Greenthal) - Pat a Pan/Comfort & Joy - Gaudeamus Hodie (Natalie Sleeth)
Winter Rose
(Meg Davis) - Candle Blessings - Good King Wenceslas
Somerset Wassail - In the Bleak Midwinter
- O Tannenbaum/Bouffon
O Come Emmanuel - March des Roi - Twelvetide
- Dona Nobis Pacem*
Christmas in the Trenches* (John McCutcheon)/Stille Nacht*
*not included on original cassette release

in eco-friendly cardboard sleeve

Total running time 46 min.

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Tania Opland & Mike Freeman: Cut to Rhythms
CHOICE FARE: Selections from two cassette albums released in 1987 and 1989, carefully enhanced and meticulously re-mastered.

A predominantly traditional/ Renaissance collection with exotic touches.

Tania Opland - vocals, guitar, tenor guitar, violin, recorders, dulcimer, cittern, mandolin
Mike Freeman - additional vocals, djembe, darabouka, bones, claves, bells, eggs

Guest musicians: Philip Boulding - harp;
Erin Shrader - violin;
Dale Blindheim - dulcimer

Flower of Northumberland/Gai Branle/Sir John Fenwick's Fair Flower Amang Them All - Rosebud in June - Montarde Branle - Bailiff's Daughter of Islington - When I was a Young Maid - The Roses Grown/Thompson Jig/The Close Call - Fire of Love (Tania Opland) - Fact'ry Girl - Chastity Belt - Blow Thy Horn, Hunter - The Cruel Sister - Pois Branle/Charlotte's Branle - True Thomas (Danny Carnahan)

Total running time 42 min.

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Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland and Mike Freeman: The Masterharper of Pern
THE MASTERHARPER OF PERN: In collaboration with Anne McCaffrey, Opland & Freeman create music of Masterharper Robinton, one of McCaffrey's most popular characters from her "Pern" novels, using the author's lyrics from the original books, plus some expanded lyrics she wrote for this project.

Tania Opland - vocals, guitar, violin, recorders, dulcimer, Kiowa (Native American) flute
Mike Freeman - guitars, vocals, djembe, darabouka, cymbals, snare, timpani, frame drums, and various other percussion

Harp: Madeleine Doherty
Additional voices: Hilary Spencer, Brian Bedford, William Pint, Alicia Healey

The Duty Song - Robinton's First Whistle Tune - The Golden Egg of Faranth - The Question Song - Plains of Telgar - Fighting Thread Round - Firelizard - Lessa's Ride - Red Star Passes - March of the Wings - The Dragonlady

Total running time 50 min.

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Masterharper Songbook
Contains sheet music for 17 tracks from the Masterharper of Pern CD.
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Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland & Mike Freeman: Sunsets Gold
SUNSET'S GOLD: The second CD from this best-selling author and two fine acoustic musicians, based on McCaffrey's "Harperhall" trilogy -- all original music with multi-cultural, classical and early music overtones.

Tania Opland: vocals, tenor/alto/soprano/sopranino recorders, guitar, hammered dulcimer, double ocarina, cittern, mandola, violin, viola.
Mike Freeman: guitar, cittern, vocals, hand drums of all descriptions, and various other percussion.

Philip Boulding - folk harp and valiha;
Harper Tasche - folk harp and bray harp;
Madeleine Doherty - concert harp;
Felicia Dale - hurdy-gurdy.
Additional vocals: Alicia Healey, Joe Prater, William Pint, Felicia Dale, Toni Wood, Emily Groff

Song for Petiron - Menolly's Firelizard Song - My Nightly Craft (Sweet Sea) - Gather Day - Brekke's Cry - Running Song - Sunset's Gold (The Blackest Night),
plus instrumental compositions and dance tunes:
Hatching Day - Gatheritza - The Harper's Glass - Ghulees - Equinox

and a never-before-heard Anne McCaffrey ballad:
Four Hundred Turns

Total running time 47 min.

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Sunset's Gold Songbook cover
Vocal and lead instrumental parts, and accompanying chords, for every track on the Sunset's Gold CD.

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