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Anne McCaffrey
Anne McCaffrey

Tania Opland
Tania Opland

Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman

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cover art by Gerald Brom


Eighteen tracks, including: The Duty Song - Robinton's First Whistle Tune The Golden Egg of Faranth - The Question Song - Plains of Telgar Fighting Thread Round - Firelizard - Lessa's Ride Red Star Passes - March of the Wings - The Dragonlady...


Tania Opland: vocals, guitar, violin, recorders, hammered dulcimer, keyboards, Kiowa (Native American) flute

Mike Freeman: guitars, vocals, djembe, darabouka, cymbals, snare, timpani, frame drums, various other percussion

Additional voices: Hilary Spencer (U.K.), Brian Bedford (U.K.), William Pint (U.S.A.), Alicia Healey (U.S.A.)

Harp: Madeleine Doherty (Ireland)