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Mike Freeman

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Sunset's Gold
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Cover art by
Elizabeth Malczynski Littman


Songs from the Harperhall books:
Song for Petiron - Menolly's Firelizard Song - My Nightly Craft (Sweet Sea) - Gather Day - Brekke's Cry - Running Song - Sunset's Gold (The Blackest Night), plus instrumental compositions and dance tunes: Hatching Day - Gatheritza -The Harper's Glass - Ghulees - Equinox,
and a never-before-heard Anne McCaffrey ballad: Four Hundred Turns ...


Tania Opland: vocals, tenor/alto/soprano/sopranino recorders, guitar, hammered dulcimer, double ocarina, cittern, mandola, violin, viola.

Mike Freeman: guitar, cittern, vocals, hand drums of all descriptions, and various other percussion.

Philip Boulding: folk harp and valiha (Malagasy circular harp).
Harper Tasche: folk harp and bray harp (medieval snare harp).
Madeleine Doherty: concert harp.
Felicia Dale: hurdy-gurdy.
Additional vocals: Alicia Healey, Joe Prater, William Pint, Felicia Dale, Toni Wood, Emily Groff