Tania Opland & Mike Freeman: Have dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, recorders, djembe, ocarina... Will travel


First of all, Thank you! We know you have many musicians to choose from, and want to do everything we can to make you glad you chose us.

If you haven't decided, but are thinking about booking us, here is a 15 minute medley of samples from some of our albums. The list of tracks included is at the bottom of this page.

Here are some resources to help with publicity and preparation for the show. If you need additional items or different formats, pease let us know and we'll do our best to get it to you right away.

Use as is or rewrite to suit your format. Feel free to provide your local press with our contact details, or have us get in touch with them. We're always happy to do interviews to help promote a show - by phone or email if necessary.

Use these, make your own, or request printed posters or photos by email. Please specify quantities and provide a mailing address.

All the information your sound tech will need to get the stage ready, on a single downloadable PDF page.

Look for information for our other projects on their pages:

Winter's Return: a celebration in music Strompettes Tania Opland: solo acoustic world music
Pern music Hunter's Moon: it's an Irish party

Tracks included in our mp3 sampler were selected to give you an idea of our musical range. This isn't the full extent of it it, nor do we need to include this much variety if that isn't what you want. We often choose more limited samples of our repertoire to suit the interests of our audiences:

Track Album Origin  
Fair & Tender Ladies Cut to Rhythms Traditional (USA)  
Hatching Day Sunset's Gold T. Opland (Alaska) with guests Felicia Dale & Harper Tasche
Rosemary's Sister Tania Opland Huw Williams (Wales)  
Pair of Bears Tania Opland T. Opland (Alaska)  
Bound Away Cut to Rhythms Susan Welch (USA)  
When I Was In My Prime Hunter's Moon Traditional (England)  
The Maid at the Wheel Hunter's Moon Trad. (Ireland)/arr. T. Opland  
Katyusha Cut to Rhythms Trad. (Russia)  
Sunset's Gold Sunset's Gold Opland/McCaffrey guest harmonies: Toni Wood & Emily Groff
Annie McCaffrey's Masterharper of Pern M. Freeman (England)  

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All performer photos contributed by audience members and concert presenters (thank you!)
Anchorage Airport photo (return from Dutch Harbor) by Lars Opland